ABARKOOH ISATIS POLYMER CO. was founded in 2011 with the aim of producing industrial plastic compounds used in wire and cable industries and also in other industries such as automotive, pipe and home appliances in an area of 20,000 square meters. Regarding to the requirement of the parent company (Shahid Ghandi Corporation Complex) for various types of Polyethylene and PVC cable sheathes, AGIPC started to produce qualified plastic compounds after one and half year of setting up.

Today, AGIPC benefiting from its unique technical competence and regional advantages plays a key role in plastic industry as a leading supplier of high-performance plastic compounds. quality and environmental management systems like ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS18001: 2007 have paved the path for AGIPC to manufacture qualified and environment-friendly products which covers a comprehensive array of end-use applications in electrical, pipe and automotive industries.

Still, AGIPC mission is firstly to bring value for our customers by innovative solutions and high-performance products and secondly to improve long-standing relationships by implementation of customer-oriented policies which leads to meet their long-term needs and wants.

Our Products
  • Polyolefin compounds
  • PVC
  • Waste
  • Electrical wire
  • Polyolefin compounds

    Polyolefin compounds

    Today Polyethylene and polypropylene have many applications in the plastic market. So, the experts of the company with regard to the two production lines and the use of special additives producing a wide range of properties of polyolefins and still this scope is expanding.
  • PVC


    In this case, agenda of R & D department is always reducing the cost and increasing the quality. In accordance with customer requirements, the company always has tried to produce soft PVC compounds with the specific characteristics and high quality and unique price.
  • Waste


    Today, using the recycling technology of polymeric materials and due to its high quality and low cost, more industries want to use of these substances in their products. This company is able to rely on technical-engineering and equipment in accordance with customer requirements, provides recycled engineering polymeric materials.
  • Electrical wire

    Electrical wire

    This company by producing house electrical wire trying to enter the downstream markets and it can in this way to increase the value added and so satisfaction of their customers. This company produces 1.5mm, 2.5mm electrical Wires with high quality which are widely used in the market.
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Target industries
  • Automotive industries

    Automotive industries

    This company has a wide range of raw materials needed to produce items such as pressurized hoses, handles, bumper… and always trying to use of modern global technology as attaining international standards.
  • Electrical industries

    Electrical industries

    Production of this company based on providing the raw materials required Shahid Ghandi factory as the largest cable company in the Middle East. Fortunately, It become the largest supplier of raw materials for original company earlier than the expected deadline and offers the granules in various grades of PVC and PE with better quality used in cable sheathing .
  • Pipe industry

    Pipe industry

    Today pipe production and energy transport are growing. So the company's strategy is the production of various grades of PE and manufacturing with the aim of increasing life time and health of the environment.
This company comprehended the importance of the customer service, and so by equipping quality control laboratory and R & D department trying to attain needs and also offers to customers appropriate consultancy and laboratory services.


R & D department: equipment such as turbo mixers, extruders and injection machine (equipped with servo motor) pilot, lab calendaring machine, Hot Press and hardware are in this section. Now product design according to customer requirements, increasing product content and improve the quality and reduce the prices are the main concern of our experts.

Laboratory services

Laboratory services
Quality control laboratory: Performed all tests for measuring physical and mechanical properties in the company. All the tests are according to the standards of ASTM, DIN, ISO, ISIRI, IEC and VDE. Some of the tests performed in the laboratory are: HDT Tensile Strength & Elongation At Break - ESCR - MFI - Carbon Black Dispersion -Carbon Black Content - OIT - UV Resistance - Density and ....
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Abarkooh Ghandi Isatis Polymer Company

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